The Online Learning Campus


What is the Online Learning Campus (OLC)?

The Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI) OLC is a secure, interactive online toolkit of educational resources. It is designed to help faculty teach and residents and fellows to acquire and apply knowledge in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) cross-disciplinary competencies: Systems-based Practice, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and Communications Skills, and Professionalism.

The OLC is a Learning Management System comprised of online learning modules; applied learning exercises (AppLEs); self-assessments; a personal portfolio; and management tools for faculty and administrators. The OLC is designed for flexible use by GME programs: the online resources can be integrated in any order and at different times during residents’ training, as determined by program directors and faculty; and faculty can customize elements of the OLC for their specialty area.

Benefits and Value

For residents and fellows, the Onlne Learning Campus provides a convenient way to learn core content, strategies, tools, and techniques for improving quality in health care and managing the care of individuals and patient populations. Learners have opportunities to reflect on the impact of this content on one's practice and interactions with patients and colleagues.

For programs and faculty, the OLC offers the benefits of ready-made, in-depth instructional resources, each tied to one or more of the four cross-disciplinary competencies; assignment and messaging utilities; and tracking and reporting on utilization by individuals and program.

Currently more than 35 online modules are offered in the Campus. Click here to view the list of module titles and their related competencies.

In 2015 more than twenty institutions across the U.S. with approximately 1,500 participating residents and fellows are subscribing to the Online Learning Campus.

          Online learning improves cross-cultural communication skills.  A research study of students in the Tufts University School of Medicine Family Medicine Clerkship found that students who completed the Tufts Health Care Institute online module in Cultural Competence and an accompanying Applied Learning Exercise asked more cross-cultural and patient-centered communication questions in patient interviews than a matched set of students who were not assigned these resources. Citation: Lee A, Mader E, Morley C. Teaching cross-cultural communication skills online: a multi-method evaluation. Family Medicine. April 2015;47(4):302-308.


Subscriptions are available for single residency programs or fellowships, for multiple programs at the same institution, or for an entire institution. The subscription period is two years. 

Fees vary based on the number of residents/fellows in a training program or institution. Participating programs may enroll their faculty and administrators at no additional cost.
As part of the subscription, THCI will provide:  
  • Initial setup and assistance with enrollment
  • Webcast orientations for faculty, administrators, and residents
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Access to new modules, resources, or user upgrades that occur during the term of your subscription
  • Free CMEs for faculty who complete those modules that are certified for credit


For information about subscriptions and access to a Demo, use the Contact Us form to send an email  to THCI, or call.617-636-1000.
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